Digiarvoa 2019 competition rules


We are seeking an idea, concept or project that will generate genuine value. We will support the winning idea, concept or project to the sum of EUR 100,000

1. Aim of the competition

Digitalisation is one of the key ways in which Finland can strengthen its competitiveness, increase wellbeing, and ensure the success of our society as a whole. Finland’s future is digital.

We are seeking an idea, concept or project that will generate genuine value and help build Finland’s digital future (hereinafter ‘the idea’).


2. Entry period

You can enter the competition until 8 August 2019 (23:59) via the digiarvoa.fi website. Those who have gone through to the final will be informed by 21 August 2019. On 4 September 2019, Digia will hold a pitching event at which the finalists will present their ideas to the jury. In the run up to this event (26–30 August), ‘sparring sessions’ will be arranged for the finalists with Digia experts. All finalists must participate in the pitching week. The winner will be informed by 6 September.

The winner will be announced on 24 September 2019 on the Digiarvoa 2019 competition website, in Digia’s channels, and at Kauppalehti’s Optio Gala (which the winner must attend).


3. Competition organiser

The competition is organised by Digia Oyj (business ID 0831312-4), address Atomitie 2 00370 Helsinki, Finland (hereinafter ‘Digia’).


4. Prize

Digia will support the winning idea, concept or project to the sum of EUR 100,000. The first prize is EUR 100,000 worth of work carried out by Digia, such as service design, software design and development, or project management to promote the development of the idea or to facilitate the project (hereinafter ‘the prize’).

Digia and the winner will agree on how to redeem the prize. The prize can also be redeemed in other ways than work, for example, as an investment in the company that owns the idea or project.

In their entries, entrants must explain in as much detail as possible how they would develop their idea or project with Digia using the sum of EUR 100,000.

The winner will pay any taxes incurred by the prizes, and will also be responsible for any costs and other consequences of accepting the prize.

The prize cannot be transferred to another organisation and cannot be exchanged for money.


5. Eligibility, terms and conditions

The following may enter the competition: 1) any legally competent private person aged 18 or over, and 2) a team, company or association formed of private persons. However, Digia personnel, jury members and jury members’ family members are not eligible to enter the competition.

Entrants are responsible for ensuring that they are not subject to any legal obstacles that would prevent them from receiving the prize.

A single entrant may enter the competition with several ideas. Every idea should be the entrant’s own idea and must be related to the competition’s topic.

Entries may be made in Finnish or English.

There is no charge to enter the competition.


6. Preselection

Digia and the jury will choose four (4) finalists from all of the entries. The selected finalists will be informed by email by 21 August 2019. Those who have gone through must confirm their place in the final within two days of receiving notification. If a selected finalist does not confirm their place in time, they may be disqualified and their place in the final revoked. Entrants will be notified separately if they have been disqualified or if their place in the final has been revoked.

The finalists will present their idea to the jury at a pitching event on 4 September 2019. During the period 26–30 August,the finalists will be able to spar with Digia experts, who will give feedback on the entries and help the finalists to formulate their pitch to the jury.

All finalists must participate in the pitching week. The sparring and pitching events will be held in Helsinki, and finalists will be separately informed of the exact address and schedule. These events are all free of charge to the entrants. Digia will not compensate entrants for any travel, accommodation or other costs incurred by entering the competition.


7. Selecting the winner

The winner will be selected by an expert jury whose members will be published on the competition website.

The jury will choose the final winner on the basis of the material and pitch presented at the pitching event, in accordance with the criteria below:

The selection criteria are:

  • How the proposed idea, concept or project will promote Finland’s competitiveness and/or social development and wellbeing via digital means
  • What kind of value the proposed idea will produce and how
  • The novelty and innovativeness of the idea
  • The idea’s feasibility

The competition winner must attend Kauppalehti’s Optio Gala on 24 September. The winner will be separately informed about the instructions for participation.

The finalists and the winner agree not to disclose any information about their final places and/or win – such as in social media or comparable public channels – before Digia, as the competition organiser, has released this information in its own channels.

8. Notifying the winner

The winner will be announced on 24 September 2019 on the Digiarvoa 2019 competition website, in Digia’s channels, and at Kauppalehti’s Optio Gala.

The winner will be personally informed by 6 September 2019 at the latest.


9. Redeeming the prize

Digia and the winner will make a separate agreement in writing on how the idea or project will be supported in practice with the sum of EUR 100,000. How the prize will be redeemed will depend on the nature of the idea.

The prize must be redeemed in full by 31 December 2020.


10. Ownership of ideas

Entrants will retain ownership of all the ideas that they enter into the competition.

It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they own the intellectual property rights to the ideas they enter into the competition. Digia is in no way responsible for protecting the intellectual property rights of the ideas entered into the competition or the entrants’  intellectual property rights in general, and is not responsible for any misuse by other competitors or external parties.

However, none of this prevents or restricts Digia from harnessing comparable ideas in its routine business if Digia has independently developed them as part of its business and without the illegal use of any trade secrets presented in competitions. 


11. Publication of ideas and projects entered into the competition in Digia’s channels

All of the entries, including videos, will be published on the Digiarvoa 2019 competition website. Digia may use all of the competition content, including submitted entries or excerpts therefrom, in its own channels and marketing communications.

With suitable justification, entrants may request that their entry, or part thereof, is not published during the early stages of the competition. This request may be presented when submitting the entry on the digiarvoa.fi website. Entrants should, however, note that the finalists’ and winner’s work will be published to an extent to be separately agreed even if an entrant has forbidden publication of their entry. Such publication cannot be considered to be a breach of any non-disclosure obligation governing Digia.


12. Organiser’s liability

The competition organiser’s liability to the entrants is restricted solely and wholly to the prize mentioned in these rules and its delivery to the competition winner.  The organiser is not liable for any other costs, fees or damages incurred by the entrants. All entrants and prize recipients release the organiser from liability for any damages that are incurred, or are alleged to have been  incurred, by entering the competition.


13. Other points of note

By entering the competition, entrants agree to comply with the competition rules, terms and conditions, and to abide by the organiser’s decisions. The organiser retains the right to change the rules. If an entrant is suspected of deception, breaking the rules, or conduct that goes against the spirit of the competition, the organiser has the right to disqualify the entrant and revoke any prizes awarded.