We are looking for a top idea or project that creates value digitally. We support the winning idea or project to the sum of EUR 100,000.


Digiarvoa 2019 Competition winner is Finnish Red Cross

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“Finland must be moved up to the top globally.”

Timo Levoranta
Chief Executive Officer, Digia Plc

The winner gets support worth € 100 000

The first prize is EUR 100,000 worth of work carried out by Digia, such as service design, software design and development, or project management to promote the development of the idea or to facilitate the project (hereinafter ‘the prize’).

The prize can also be redeemed in other ways than work, for example, as an investment in the company that owns the idea or project.

Progress of the competition


What is digital value?

Platforms and ecosystems

Digital ecosystems are created through the collaboration of people, software and devices. Almost any application or system can serve as a digital platform for an entire ecosystem. What kind of idea is still waiting to be found?

Valuable data

Only carefully selected and utilised data is valuable. It can be used to develop brand-new services, operating methods and even completely new kinds of businesses. How would you turn masses of data into genuine value?

Inspiring customer experiences

Digitality is an inseparable part of daily life. We have plenty of digital services to choose from, something for every need – or do we? How would you make our everyday easier? What kind of digital services lure to use them again and again?

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Digia is a software and service company that helps its customers renew themselves in the networked world. We implement platform solutions and help our customers harness data and design the best possible digital customer experience. We work together to build a world in which digitalisation makes a difference.